Powder scattering machine

Rebec powder coating machine spreads thermo adhesive powder of various nature and granulometry, it is a very solid machine, which in addition to ensuring great precision of spreading, is equipped with an automatic system, which ensures the same amount of powder selected as the production speed.

The products obtained with adhesive powder scattering and lamination are used in various sectors such as automotive, footwear, clothing and furnishing.
The type of powder is chosen according to the materials to be heat-adhesive or to match fabrics, TNT, film, wadding, artificial leather etc.

Rebec can supply both single machines, such as spreaders, infrared ovens, calenders, and special systems designed to meet specific customer needs, up to 5300 mm width. It is possible to start from a basic plant and then extend it step by step in the future, with the addition of accumulators, edge trimming systems, etc.


 automatic powder supply 
control of the amount of dust 
• dust removal system, for oven with rameuse
• Mechanical speed  2 – 60 mt/min
• Useful working width up to  5300 mm
•Adhesive quantity: 10-400g/m², based on speed






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