List of accessories supplied by Rebec


Edges cutting unit

Provided with two cutting heads, is designed to cut (trim) the edges of both the simple layer materials and the bonded ones.

It can be equipped with a vacuum system suitable for removing the trimmed off strips of material, from the cutting units to the gathering container



Ideal to store and feed light fabrics, such as knitted fabrics, continuously and tensionless. 

Welding machine 

Suitable for bonding the head and tail of rolls of thermoweldable fabrics, non-wovens, foams.

Vertical accumulators 

They can have different storing capacities, woven fabrics, non-wovens and foams can be stored with very light tension, thanks to a special drive. 

J-box accumulator 

Is designed to create a certain reserve of fabric and to allow you to work in continuous without stopping the production when you have to replace the rolls of material. This machine offers, therefore, many advantages such as increase in production and reduction of wastes.

IR Panels and UV lamps

Infrared panel, UV lamps and UV led are available. 

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