Hot melt machine

Hotmelt adhesives coating machines applies a layer of glue onto a substrate material such as woven, knits, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, paper, etc.

There are applications where material is only coated for changing the surface of the material, but more often the purpose is to bond two layers of material together to build a composite material, a laminate, hence, the bonding process is commonly called lamination. Furthermore, by not requiring drying ovens, it also allows considerable savings in space used. 

Rebec hot melt machine is modular and can be equipped both with the gravure roller application system, to coat the hotmelt adhesive in points or network shape and with the multiroller application system, to fully cover the substrate with hotmelt adhesive. The modules are interchangeable one with the other. The machine can also be supplied equipped with only one coating system. 

Rebec machine is extremely versatile and all plants are equipped with low or high tension web transport drives and tensions are controlled electronically with load cells and dancer rollers. Control system can be regulated thanks to a software easy and effective. Several web guiding systems ensure a proper alignment of the web layers for coating ad lamination. Accumulators (J-box, roll and belt) ensure an on-going process with no stop during batch changes. 

Our machine is studied to facilitate the operators job, it is extremely user-friendly. We developed a configuration that allows to change rollers and components very quickly and to do the cleaning very easily. 

With the use of coating technology and coupling with hotmelt adhesives, the recyclability of finished products is also facilitated, following the direction indicated by the community regulations.


• Rollers cleaning unit, heating oil system, water cooling system

Coating methods:

• Rotogravure

• Multiroll

• Slot Die

• Spray Coating

Technical data

• Working temperature 90° – 230°C
• Viscosity 3’000 – 150’000 cps
• Mechanical speed  2 – 60 mt/min
• Useful working width up to  3000 mm








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